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2012 The Seeker Pinot Grigio

2012 The Seeker Riesling

2012 The Seeker Rosé

2012 The Seeker Red Blend


All wines have a suggested retail price of $10 to $15.




I was given the opportunity to sample some new wines from The Seeker.  Earlier I had the opportunity to sample some other wines from them.  My write up on those wines is available here.



This group of wines is perfect to enjoy during the warmer weather this Summer with lighter meals on the deck or patio or to share with friends on a warm evening over good conversation.




Winery Information (winery supplied)

Do you have a taste for risk, a curious nature, and a daring spirit?  Then come, join The Seeker on a singular wine adventure!  The Seeker is a lively line of wines from all over the world.  Our wanderings yielded distinct wines from disparate lands, delighting the senses on a global taste journey.  It is a carefully curated collection of the best wines from where they grow best, each wine lovingly crafted by a different family winery.


For The Seeker, it’s all about the journey.  Simply glance at the labels and you’ll see; the mid-19th century flying machines embody an era of wonder and mystery, of explorers out to conquer the known world… and beyond.  The Seeker speaks to the unknown, the unknowable, and the thrill of discovery. Cheers!


The Seeker Wines were created by a family company that called on its 65+ years of experience to source from the best family-owned wineries in the world at an affordable price.  With a dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, The Seeker Wines extends our eco-friendly philosophy from our immediate family to our global family.  So whether by land, sea, or air, take flight with us and seek more information at


The line up for this tasting:

The Seeker lineup


2012 The Seeker Pinot Grigio (Italy, Veneto)

This is 100% Pinot Grigio from the Veneto region in Italy.  The wine was aged in stainless steel tanks on light lees.  This unoaked wine did not undergo malolactic fermentation to retain the fresh acidity and to maintain the varietal character.


The final alcohol in the wine is 12.5%.


My Tasting Note

The wine is a very light yellow color with a slight green tint.  The crisp and refreshing nose has apples, lemon zest, pears, minerals, orange blossoms, and a touch of spice.  This has light to medium body, citrusy acidity, and has just a touch of sweetness.  On the palate the bright, juicy fruit is joined by a touch of almond before the mouthwatering citrus kicks in.  The finish has nice length and closes on a slightly sweet pear/citrus note.  (87 pts)


This easy drinking Pinot Grigio would be a fine partner with just about any lighter, warm weather dish.  I think this would shine if served with some grilled shrimp.  This has more body and depth than your typical Italian Pinot Grigio.

Seeker Pinot Grigio




2012 The Seeker Riesling (Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer)

This is 100% hand harvested Riesling is from the Trittenheim and Piesport Vineyards in the Mosel region in Germany.  The wine was fermented in stainless steel and oak casks.  The wine was aged 3 to 8 months in a mix of stainless steel and oak casks.


The final alcohol in the wine is 8.5%.


My Tasting Note

The wine is a bright yellow color with a slight green tint.  The slightly shy nose eventually shows honey dipped apples, pineapple, white pepper, minerals, and a very faint petrol note.  This has medium body, crisp acidity, and nice residual sweetness.  On the palate this has tart apples, honey, and crisp citrus with nice sweetness coming in on the back end.  The finish has very nice length and closes with a sweet note.  The sweetness and acidity are very nicely balanced.  (91 pts)


This would excel if paired with a spicy Asian dish.  I love an off dry Riesling with spicy Cajun food and this would be outstanding with seafood gumbo.  This would also be a nice glass of wine to sip on a warm evening over good conversation with friends.

Seeker Riesling




2012 The Seeker Rosé (France, Provence)

This is a blend of 50% Grenache and 50% Cinsault from vineyards in the AOC Côtes de Provence.  The grape varieties were vinified separately before blending.  The wine was aged in tanks (no oak).


The final alcohol in the wine is 12.5%.


My Tasting Note

The wine is a very nice pink salmon color.  The inviting nose has watermelon, white peach, minerals, red raspberries, orange zest, a touch of spice, and a slightly salty sea breeze element.  This has light to medium body, with good acidity, and is dry.  On the palate the fruit steps to the forefront with spice and building minerality supporting the back end.  The finish has nice length and closes on a distinct mineral note with just a touch of sweetness from the red fruit.  (89 pts)


This dry Rosé would pair very nicely with a mixed greens salad with a light berry infused vinaigrette dressing.  This would also drink very nicely on its own on a warm Summer day.

Seeker Rose




2012 The Seeker Red Blend (Chile, Central Valley)

This is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, and 25% Syrah from vineyards in the Maipo and Colchagua Valleys in Chile.  Half of the wine was aged in stainless steel tanks; the remaining 50% was aged for 6 months in a mix of 60% American and 40% French oak barrels with 25% being new.


The final alcohol in the wine is 13.5%.


My Tasting Note

The wine is a bright ruby red color.  The nose has blackberries, plums, vanilla, dill, black pepper, cherry, and some earthiness.  This has medium body, soft to moderate tannins, and slightly soft acidity.  On the palate the dark fruit and earthiness take center stage with vanilla and the dill coming in late.  The finish has decent length but gets a touch muddled and earthy as it warms up.  I would recommend giving this a slight chill.  (85 pts)


This needs some juicy meat hot off the grill or some fairly hearty appetizers.

Seeker Chilean Red Blend




Closing thoughts

On the whole, I think these are all very drinkable, reasonably priced wines that would work with warm weather food or stand on their own as a cocktail wine.  The Seeker is unique in that they source their wines from the part of the world where that varietal calls home.


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